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One of the First smoked fish factories in Egypt

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Founded in 1997, as a start Al Fahd factory for manufacturing fish was founded, majoring in the field of manufacturing smoked fish (herring) as a leading factory and one of the first smoked fish factories in Sharqia Governorate and Egypt.


( 7000:8000 tons of smoked WR herring is produced in our two factories every year to serve both the national and the international market . 10000 tons is what we are looking forward in 2021.

Import (FISH)

19000 tons of WR herring is the volume that we imported in 2020. Our target is 23000 tons of WR herring for 2021. 5000 tons of other fish species in 2020, and 7000 tons is our target for 2021.

Meat & Chicken

2000 tons of frozen Halal meat and chicken is what we do of this business per year.

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Samakin El Gharb – Fakous Road, El Hosania
Al-Sharqia Governorate РEgypt

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