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Al Fahd Group

was founded in 1997, as a start Al Fahd factory for manufacturing fish was founded, majoring in the field of manufacturing smoked fish (herring) as a leading factory and one of the first smoked fish factories in Sharqia Governorate and Egypt.

It was able to find itself a special place in manufacturing smoked fish over the past years and put its name among the major specialized factories.

Also it was committed to product quality standards starting with quality of imported fish which is used to in the product passing through various different stages in manufacturing ending with packaging and distribution, to find its way through all of Egypt’s governorates, from Upper Egypt to Delta and from far East to far West.

Commitment to quality and maintaining competitive prices makes our products with all its kinds accessible to communities of people.

The company was able to add a new factory which was built to accommodate the increasing demand for our products as well as establishment of storage refrigerators and developing it.

Also the company opened a lot of distribution outlets for our products next to outlets of major distributors and clients all over Egypt and its governorates. We seek to maintain quality and provide products at competitive prices and work on increasing distribution net to all over the governorates.

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